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If your child struggles with Quranic pronunciation, get yourself stress free. No doubt, you seek professional help for your kids. Therefore,

When it comes to recitation, Tajweed is the first step. Not only to improve reading the Holy Quran. But also, to upgrade your Arabic. Here,

Islam, as an ideology is life-changing and truly inspiring. Therefore, we offer the Shia Islamic Studies workshop. As widely known, Islam is

Memorizing Quran is a great achievement. Shia Online Hifz Quran service is the best available option. First of all, it will

Shia Quran Translation course has the purpose to decode the Holy Quran in other languages. Shia Turjuma service online provides a student to

Quran is an inevitable part of our lives. We read the Quran and recite it with full zeal and a sacred goal to purify our hearts and souls. B

Stop worrying about getting quality education sitting at home. Study Shia Quran lessons by our live sessions. We offer plenty of courses as of your interest. These Shia lessons are for kids and adults both. Start learning your Shia Quran lesson from today. For a worldwide education program, we have introduced our Shia Quran Academy...

Quality Shia Online Quran Classes No need to think twice while taking online classes. Shia Online Quran Classes offer the most quality Quranic sessions for kids and adults. We hold video lectures on skype. These lectures help you grow your speaking skills rapidly. Firstly, Shia Online Quran Classes is broadcasted from the USA. Other than...


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One on One Classes

Our Shia academy offers you the best service. Our academy holds one on one classes for the students. We

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Flexible Timing

It is a matter of fact that we live in a busy society. No one has time to waste or spend hours in Coaching Centers. Some

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Multi Language

In the era of modernism, online learning is getting a lot of attention. Alongside this, students usually prefer those pl

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24 Hours Support

We provide the best Platform available to educate yourself. Looking for a site always open for learning Shia courses? Th

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Student Monitoring

Monitoring student learning in online education is all about the productive activities. Most significantly, Shia Instruc

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Professional Management

In the Online Shia Quran Course Classes, the staff is working hard to manage the students at it’s best. They ensure th

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If you are looking for Shia Quran Teacher online, this the right place. Now, you don't need to explore the whole internet to find the right tutor for yourself. Also, now your kids will receive guidance from world-class ulemas of the Holy Quran. Shia Quran Teaching service brings you the best Quran Qaris and Qarias....

Shia tutors are highly well informed and educated. We provide you with the most experienced Shia Quran Tutor Online. These Shia Quran tutors are available online for kids and adults. We work online from different regions and parts of the world. Most importantly, we give you the best of our services from the US. Other...

Shia Online Quran Academy
Shia Online Quran Academy

Shia Quran Center Online

Syed Quran Center is proud to be a Shia Community Platform, working as Online Shia Quran Academy in the USA – UK – Australia, and other Western Countries Since 2014. We Provide High-Quality Quran and Islamic Education systems online for those Shia Students who settled in Western Countries.

Syed Quran Center Online or Shia Quran Academy works as a virtual institute for Shia Community, especially for Shia Students who want to Learn Holy Quran. It is aiming to improve your Quranic reading skills. Now, Shia Students can learn the Quran is easy. In the first place, our goal is to help our Students with recitation and build their conceptual clarity of the Quran. Undoubtedly, Quran, in itself carries knowledge correspondence with the entire universe. Therefore, Shia Online Academy is determined to ease the learning process. For this purpose, we offer a few simple courses. The online course of Quran Academy outlines the strategy to portray a complete picture of Shia Fiqh. At the same time, it’s focusing on all the important knowledge-imparting techniques.

Holy Quran is the greatest asset of a Muslim. An asset unutilized is a treasure undiscovered. Add meaning to your life. Make a lifetime achievement by taking our all-inclusive Quranic courses.

Ease of “Learning Shia Quran Online”

Learn the essence of Islam through online assistance. We believe in the power of technology. Access your tutor from any corner of the earth. Modern devices have made teaching and learning much easier and fun. Shia Quran Academy is just one click away. People living in remote areas lack quality services. Finally, they can derive maximum benefits from Shia Quran Center. The process of registration is super easy. Going through the grooming process, you will experience a complete transformation. We care about your spiritual and mental wellbeing. We assure it in light of the Quran. As known by all, the Holy Quran is our ultimate guide. It is an all-encompassing code of life. So, start from your home and access all amazing online Quran lessons. Only through a simple registration procedure.

In which countries do we provide Quranic Education to the Shia community?

In western countries for Quran and other Islamic Education, mostly Shia Families are always in Trouble Find Expert Instructor for their Students kids and adults. For the convenience of  Shia Students, we provide Online Quran Tutors who are very professional and very passionate. We Provide Shia Online Quran Classes and other Islamic Education Services almost in all Countries where Shia Communities are settled.  Mostly the Country’s names are listed below:

Empower yourself with Shia Islamic Concepts

Mention, it’s a global Shia Online Quran Teaching network comprising the most competent and skilled Shia Quran Teachers in the field. Avail the golden opportunity to grasp all Quranic concepts for personality development and social dealings. Even, the online staff assists students to cover the course without facing difficulty. Above all, it is budget-friendly plus time-saving. You will see some really amazing results after you take it. So, begin to enlighten yourself with Quranic teachings in a fun way. Additionally, there are Individual Shia Quran Classes so the students don’t hesitate to ask questions. Similarly, we deliver the most in the least time. Shia Quran Madrasa urges you to learn the Quran under its professional services. Start to equip yourself with the doctrine of the Quran.

Female Staff Faculty by Online Shia Quran Academy

The dearth of qualified Shia Quran female tutors is a prominent issue being faced widely. Notably, women face a lot of trouble going outside to attain Quranic insight. That is why the academy has both male and female staff for your preferences. Most significantly, interpreting the Holy Quran is inevitable to live a purposeful life. We offer the best professional online Quran teaching service for all Muslim women across the world. Moreover, the online Quran Academy promises to instill in you all essentials for understanding the Holy Book. With time, distance learning is gaining fame to boost life skills. We provide the best learning opportunities for all. However, kids need special training but our facility is available for adults as well. In either case, the primary skills to learn Quran are inculcated in students efficiently.

Improve your speaking fluency with Shia Quran Learning Faculty

Our digital institute is like a personal Quran Trainer. With all the help, the process is simplified for students. We stress meeting the needs of every student. They are assisted through communicative classes. We work hard to develop the skills to read and learn the Holy Quran fast and effortlessly. Furthermore, collective efforts are put to groom your critical thinking. With, engaging discussions on a variety of Quranic topics. Most significantly, the friendly staff figures out pitfalls impeding your progress. Precisely, the online Shia Quran Center prepares you holistically. As a result of their sincere guidance, many achieved mastery. Coaching is provided by keeping in sight the most effective teaching methods. Especially, the means adopted by Masomeen (a.s) and many prominent Shia Islamic scholars.

Why Online Shia Quran Center?

Knowing the Holy Quran is a prerequisite for a successful life. We have a network of qualified tutors to help you with that. This madrasa is serving all communities of Islam. We promise to polish your reading and narrating skills. Likewise, we assure complete proficiency in your Quran reading after taking Shia Online Quran Classes. Above all, an obvious improvement in the way of your recitation. To know the basic principles of Quranic recitation is a must for every Muslim. That’s why it’s mandatory to learn accurate Arabic pronunciation for flawless deliverance. For it, video and audio Quran Classes Online are available daily. In order to omit difficulty related to pronunciation, recitation, and interpretation of terms.

Our Major Points in which we Serve to Shia Community in Quran Education:


Maximum benefit in Minimum cost

Coupled with all the learning benefits, it is time and money-saving. Specifically, there is a vast variety of courses ranging from basic to specialized. Surprisingly, Online Shia Quran Academy offers both female Shia Quran Tutors and male Quran teaching faculty. The staff has expertise and excellence in different areas of the Quran. Furthermore, we commence online lectures regularly. Similarly, we maintain proper attendance. After all, it is an International platform in order to unite all communities of Islam. It is a great learning opportunity for locals as well. Additionally, provided that, tutors can better understand the psyche of their students and listen to their concerns. The academy also takes online exercises by regular practice. Thus, there is an ideal testing and grading system. In the era of technology, the online Quran academy works to impart authentic knowledge and sharpen your religious insight.

Online ranking system to grade performance

In short, Shia Quran Madrasa is the most relevant platform to impart genuine teachings of the Quran. Through it, students can have quick access to online learning material. Also, there is an ease of translating touch Arabic sentences. Then, there is personal assistance is provided to beginners. In brief, the purpose of the Shia Quran Madrasa is to convey the real message of the Holy Quran to its disciples. Precisely, it’s possible only by adopting the right methods and techniques. Therefore, we assure complete proficiency in your Quranic reading abilities.

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