Student Monitoring

Monitoring student learning in online education is all about the productive activities. Most significantly, Shia Instructor to keep track of student learning and help them to learn better. Teachers here, make instructional decisions and they provide feedback to students on their progress regularly. Other than that, online Shia Madrasa is a global platform. Shia online madrasa comprises of the most competent and skilled teachers to help you learn the Shia Quran. You’d find a staff like no other educational Shia Quran Institute. Our scholars work day and night to cope with students as much as they can. We have a flexible timing facility to educate our students easily at any time without any effort. Similarly, You can take lectures whenever and wherever you want.

Keeping a Check by Daily Assessment Reports

We make sure our students are learning properly. Shia Tutors motivate students to ask questions about certain confusions. They spend extra time reviewing and reteaching the concepts before they move on. If some students are struggling they make sure to focus a bit more on them individually. Shia Female tutors help the female students who are not comfortable with the Male tutors to learn the lessons better. Furthermore, We have the facility of both male and female staff. They monitor student’s progress and make daily assessments reports for the betterment of the students. If you’re struggling with the Quran with Tafseer or Shia Quran with Tajweed or maybe a bit more conscious about reciting the Quran in the right way. You are on the right platform for that.

Progress Reports and Assessment

Shia Teachers make progress reports to keep track of student’s progress regularly. They help out the students that are not making progress in lessons individually. Our Shia tutors make sure to take special care of the students which are not good at learning faster. They pay attention to them in their independent time. Also, we hold regular Test Sessions. Likewise, Shia Quran teachers Online have arranged test sessions to keep track of student learning and monitoring their progress. In meetings, students will be allowed to ask as many questions and clear the confusion as they want. Our staff members make sure to use the most effective Online Shia Quran Teaching methods so that our students could learn Quran faster and in the easiest way. In short, tests would be taken from students to improve their skills in learning the Shia Quran.

Test Sessions and Home Tasks

Our Shia Experts are working days and nights to improve the quality of education. They also assign tasks to the students which helps them improve their skills in Shia Tafseer Quran Online, Tajweed, and Qaria. Likewise, they hold test sessions which also help them to make progress reports. Home tasks improve the punctuality of students which is very important if you’re doing any course or learning something. Basically, Our Shia tutors are very concerned about making learning and improving skills in Quran easier for everyone. they’ll help you to be an expert like they are. We impart Quranic skills effectively.

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