One on One Classes

Our Shia academy offers you the best service. Our academy holds one on one classes for the students. We don’t do group classes, instead, we have one tutor for one student. This way our scholar works on the student very attentively. Students are also very happy about this because there’s no disturbance in the time they’re learning Shia Quran. Syed Quran Center is the only platform that offers one on one classes. This pattern of Shia Online Quran Teaching assures you that you are learning in the right place through the right platform.

Get Individual One on Quran Classes Assistance

As discussed, our Shia Quran Academy is giving its best facilities in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. Scholars from these countries are teaching you with all of there time and effort so you could get the education you hoped for. We’re sure you have seen many educational platforms before who are doing the best work around the globe, but when it comes to learning the Shia Quran there are very few platforms that are doing the work. Hopefully, in our academy, you’ll have the best learning experience like never before.

Quality Education by Personal Instructors

Our site is offering you so much as mentioned, male and female staff facility, assignments, one on one classes, live lectures, no age restrictions in affordable fee. If you are a parent and you can’t find a Qari or tutor to teach your child individually, this is just the right place. Our academy offers all that you want. Scholars from all over the world make sure that your children get the quality education like no other educational Shia Quran Institute. In fact, they treat your kids like their own and want them to learn better just as you do.
So what are you waiting for??

Register Yourself With an Easy Process

Sign up today register your name and get started with a new journey of learning Shia Tafseer, Tajweed, and Qaria. One of the best facilities we have is no age restrictions. On most websites, you must’ve seen this problem. We believe that there are no boundaries when we’re increasing our knowledge or learning. Then why create boundaries like age restrictions. Time in learning Quran? Sites usually educate adults and teenagers and they have no services for the young ones. If that was your problem, it is solved now. Online Shia Quran learning Academy is the Shia Quran Institute of your dreams. Get started with us today by signing up.

Why try taking One on One Quran Classes Lectures?

Moreover, this is the only academy that supports working 24 hours a day. Furthermore, Our Shia scholars from all over the world make sure that you are learning in the easiest and the effortless way. Also, we hold daily one on one classes. Shia tutors also assign the students to home tasks and assignments. Our Shia experts make sure that you’re time and money don’t go in waste. Lastly, they try to be as productive of time as they can. Quran education is the key to success.

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