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Firstly, Welcome to the official site of Syed Quran Center. This Academy was founded by Molana Syed Waseem Raza in 2014. Molana Waseem Raza had a dream of enlightening Momineen worldwide with Quranic Insight. To convey the message of the Quran in the way Allah SWT wanted it to be conveyed to all the Shia community. He wanted a platform for the young Shia generation to get the right education of the Quran from the Scholars of their community. That’s why we are hoping that you would have the best learning experience with us. Syed Quran Center offers you to achieve excellence in Quranic skills. Our services are available in various countries.

This is the only Shia Quran learning Platform site that you would’ve found on the internet so far. More people are working on this project but they haven’t still made it to this point. We offer the best facilities and services in the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada. In other countries, our staff is still working on the betterment of our Shia Quran Teaching academy. We have also Hired highly educated Shia experts to help you with learning from the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Furthermore, our staff is also working for years to make the dream of learning the Quran at its best, true.

Our Services

This virtual Online Shia Quran Academy doesn’t only offer you excellence but it also assures you that your money isn’t going to waste. Because our staff is concerned about your time and money. That’s why we offer you 24 hours support service. If you are an employed person and you return home late from office and you don’t have extra time to join any academy or hire a tutor our website has solved that problem. Now you can take Shia Online Quran Classes from your workplace or your home or if you’re at a picnic. Not only that, but We also have the service of one on one classes and our tutors teach you individually with undivided attention so you can learn freely and easily in the classes. Video lectures, Assignments, and test sessions are being held by the tutors to keep track of your progress throughout the course.

The Purpose of Syed Quran Center

Moreover, we have no age restrictions for our candidates. This website is also for parents who are looking for an Expert Shia tutor. To give a head start to their Children to the Knowledge of the Quran. This is the Shia Quran Academy Online of your community and our purpose is to help educate Shia Momineen all over the world so that they get the Education of their dreams.

Thanks for visiting our Official website. If you wanna join this community today. Want to be a part of a purpose so big? Go to the sign-up page right now and register yourself today. Start an eternal journey of Knowledge and wisdom with us. May Allah help us perform the purpose of getting the true recognization of the Quran. Ameen Ya Rabil Alameen.

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